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JOB TITLE:                                        Payroll Specialist


REPORTS TO:                                 Chief Financial Officer





Verifies and completes payable and payroll transactions, processes mail and cash, generates reports, and supports other office functions.



Evaluates, recommends, and administers benefit programs; answers questions; and initiates and continues memberships in programs.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Previous experience in payroll and employee benefits required.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in HR, accounting, or related field or equivalent comprehensive experience in accounting and/or employee benefits, preferred.

  • Resident of Vital Link Service Area.

  • Able to work with others and function as a team member.


Job Requirements:

  • Must be able to operate all office machines, telephones, computers, etc.

  • Must be able to speak clearly, have good corrected vision and hearing.

  • Must be able to exert 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects, operate equipment, or perform work.  (Medium Work per Department of Labor, Dictionary of Occupational Titles)

  • Must have dexterous use of both hands, arms, and fingers.

  • Must be able to maintain a work pace sufficient to meet deadlines and be able to perform multiple unrelated or related tasks in rapid succession.

  • Must be able to maintain, at minimum, 32 hours per week Monday through Thursday except for holidays, personal pay, and medical pay.

  • Must be able be physically present during the Vital Link Business Office Hours, Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


This is medium duty work requiring prolonged sitting, repetitive task, occasional isolation, some physical activities including climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, reaching, lifting, exposure to certain household chemicals and interpersonal interactions of a stressful nature. 


For the purpose of calculating time off paid benefits:  1 work week = 32 - 40 hours.


Safety Sensitive Designation: This position is deemed safety sensitive in accordance with Arkansas Act 593 governing Medical Marijuana.


Essential Job Results:


  1. Processes Payroll, Maintains Employee Files

Organizes and verifies timesheets and timecard totals in VAIRKKO; posts payroll; verifies payroll audit; generates direct deposit file; and generates payroll reports. Makes payroll tax deposits and prepares quarterly and year end payroll reports. Maintains employee files including rate records and employment status. Answers questions from employees concerning paychecks.


   2.     Manages Accounts Payable

Verifies invoices, purchase orders and packing slips; posts invoices; prepares disbursements; obtains authorization of payment; obtains check signatures; maintains vendor files and working relationships with vendors; assists with end of month accounting procedures.


  3. Maintains Security of Cash Receipts

Sorts, copies, counts, and totals daily cash receipts; delivers cash and daily cash detail to CFO.


  4. Ensures Legal Compliance/Protects Company Assets

Monitors and recommends applicable human resources and other federal and state requirements to leadership team.


  5. Generates the Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Displays excellent customer service skills in all interactions with employees and customers. Plans and coordinates employee recognition programs and events; surveys employee needs; conducts, analyzes, and reports climate surveys; reviews, addresses, and refers employee suggestions; provides employee services and support during disaster and unusual circumstances.


  6. Administers Benefits Programs

Assists employees with enrollment in insurance and other benefit programs; answers questions concerning programs; and maintains enrollment records. Administers insurance and workers’ compensation claims.

  7. Supports Office Operations

Assists with both incoming and outgoing telecommunications; greets and welcomes customers in person and by telephone; takes messages; provides information; directs inquiries; accepts payments for service memberships; gathers information regarding customer problems and complaints and forwards to the appropriate Department Director; refers all requests for public events to the Administrative Assistant; participates in administrative staff meetings.


  8. Protects Vital Link Operations

Maintains confidentiality; complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements; follows Vital Link's policies and procedures.


  9. Maintains Professional and Technical Knowledge

Attends educational workshops; reviews professional publications; establishes personal networks; and obtains knowledge and skills essential to successful job performance. Provides documentation of job results to CFO and progress record; maintains acceptable attendance; accomplishes other duties as assigned; meets deadlines.


  10. Contributes to the Team Effort

Commits to Vital Link's goals and values; displays professionalism, enthusiasm, and initiative; works as a team member; maintains customer satisfaction; provides documentation of all job results obtained; presents a neat and professional appearance; maintains acceptable attendance; accomplishes multiple tasks as needed; represents Vital Link on and off duty; keeps a clean and safe work environment; supports Vital Link's public relations and educational events; communicates problems and need for change through  appropriate channels of communications and by following the chain of command; and adheres to the Vital Link Professional Code of  Conduct.       

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