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Vital Link offers Service Memberships as a way to help patients financially when faced with an ambulance bill. 

All residents of the Vital Link service areas are eligible to become members. 




Insurance payments are accepted as payment in full.

(If your insurance company pays its bill, you will not receive one.)

If no insurance payments are received

  - because the patient has not hit the yearly deductible

or because patient does not have insurance - 

there will be a 40% reduction on the bill. 

Lift assists are free with a service membership.

Membership Options

Individual Membership - 1 Year   $50

Individual Membership - 3 Years   $135

Family Membership - 1 Year   $60

Family Membership - 3 Years   $165

Terms & Conditions

A family service membership includes head of household, spouse, dependent children under age 21, and disabled adult children.

Member must provide all insurance information to Vital Link, and remit any payment made directly to them.

Elective & hospice non-emergency transports are excluded from the membership program.

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